The values of today are the best for tomorrow. Welcome to Timberland Fonds.

It should be quickly apparent that you are not dealing with a typical investment company. A love of detail has been our formula for success for more than 20 years. Even more than love, it has been our passion, the force driving us to provide consistently outstanding service for our investors. Although we could use standards as a guide, we have decided to set standards instead. There is also good reason for placing "know" before "how". In the final analysis, success over the long term, in particular during difficult market phases, requires an ability to develop appropriate new concepts, actively make repeated revisions, and implement them in a disciplined manner while reacting flexibly at all times.

As a small, high quality firm of experienced specialists, we adhere to our values with absolute conviction. Independence and entrepreneurship are the basic principles underlying our day-to-day operations. This is the only way to ensure we can meet the high quality standards that are set by our investors – and that we also set for ourselves.

Welcome to Timberland Fonds.

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